Sabrina 2


Yellow Book Volume 12, “A Study of Trees” by Aline Szold


I want to look briefly at how the Savoy achieves an intermingling of literature and art, while still maintaining a degree of separation. The Savoy, firstly, also separates literature and art in its table of contents. However, illustrations still follow some writing. Two examples in the first volume of the Savoy are in Arthur Symons’ translated poem “The Mandoline” and Aubrey Beardsley’s “The Three Musicians.” Both poems are accompanied by illustrations. These illustrations, in this case, do
actually relate to the content of the poetry. For me, there is some benefit in maintaining distance between the two. While the Savoy comes closer, I posit that actually no relation from text to art while still physically placing them on the same page, heightens the two. This accomplishes what the Yellow Book and Savoy aim to do, but fail: bringing literature and art to the same calibre.


Yellow Book Volume 12, “A Pathway to the Moon” by Patten Wilson