Introduction: Modernity and the Visual

Today’s class was a great introduction to little magazines and the social and historical context surrounding them. To be able to get a close, in depth look at specific little magazines that I had never heard of is a privilege and an exciting research adventure in studying modernity. The professor’s descriptions of biographical and historical information regarding little magazines were really interesting and valuable in gaining a clearer picture of what was going on during the time period.┬áThe more details about the editors and other historical figures involved with the little magazines, the better understanding one can have of the topic as it is situated in specific contexts.

I am also surprised at how prominent advertising already was at this stage. Perhaps I should have expected that advertising would be important, but I do not always have this topic at the forefront of my mind. Another thing I have not thought in depth about is the definition of magazine, and how a magazine is a collection of different items from different sources much like one would find in a store. I am also eager to learn more about the dichotomy between realism and symbolism, and how they are both evident in various works.