Introduction: Modernity and the Visual

I am already familiar with the little magazines, because of my previous undergraduate scholarship on a poem in the Evergreen. However, I am excited to embark on research that focalizes on the visuals used in the little magazines. I have not had much experience intersecting art or art history with literature, but the mediums naturally uplift and coincided with one another throughout the eras. I do have a keen interest in art history, and I am particularly interested to learn more about how the visuals used throughout Victorian-era evolved and transformed as literacy rates increased. Further, I am excited to learn more about the little magazine in context, as they were also part of the ‘mass media’ and mass advertisement during the 19th century.

Beyond the little magazines, I am really excited to create a project using WordPress and to learn/practice basic coding and HTML functions. I find that being an English/Philosophy major, I am not often exposed to necessary digital literacy skills that are integral to participating in our digitalized world. I think it is a great opportunity to publish my own work on a site where I created the digital markup, because the product will be something I can add to my portfolio, as well as something I can show future employers.

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