Introduction to Modernity and the Visual: Image and Text Relation

I am already interested in exploring the relationship between the visual and text during the Victorian Period. However, I’m excited to have the opportunity to explore the topic specifically with little magazines because they offer a genuine combination of the two. As was mentioned in class, the entirety of the magazine is a creative piece. Every image, poem, or advertisement is curated – and had thought put into its placement. I am excited to learn more about analyzing these magazines in context and learning about how they influence both creative and ‘mass media’ culture.

Additionally, I am eager to learn more about the dichotomy between naturalism and symbolism during the time that was outlined in this week’s reading. To be more specific, I am drawn to pieces that navigate the symbolic while still capturing something real. Pieces like this are leaning towards the symbolic side, but also include a level of mysticism that I’m excited to interpret. For example, in an issue of The Green Sheaf there is a particular account of a dream titled “The Gray Coat,” which is embedded with surreal imagery, but as a dream also allows for a view into the subconscious – a feature I could see as potentially wrestling with naturalism.

I also really love the addition of acquiring digital skills by updating both this blog and making our own posts. I have also been working on my HTML and digital publishing skills this summer and can’t wait to continue honing them!