Introduction to WordPress HTML Functions

In today’s class, we covered readings from Claes, “Introduction” to The Late Victorian Little Magazine, as well as Boyiopoulos, Kostas, Introduction, The Decadent Short Story. I had previously read Claes and other pieces of his work in my ENG810 class, and I cited his journal articles as some of my sources for my final project. However, I was unfamiliar with Kosta’s analysis, which is unfortunate because I had done my project on a short story! I found it really interesting that the Yellow Nineties and its similar periodicals had ‘sexual’ writings that made it rebellious and unconventional for its time.

The application portion of today’s class was my the highlight of my Monday, I was itching to learn digital literacy skills so I self-taught myself basic HTML and CSS, but it’s really useful to finally have somewhere where I can apply those skills. I would like to build a digital portfolio -something that I can show employers – to ensure that I am familiar with these digital platforms/programs. I think it’s really cool and important that art majors are exposed to digital literacy skills, more now than ever, because everything is revolving around technology. The brief but throughout, informational session we had as a class with Reg was very helpful, it was interesting to see how we could add Victorian fonts. I am excited to get starting on building my site with HTML/CSS, and to take advantage of this opportunity.