Magazine Page Idea Inspiration

This week the last few slides of the lecture— touching on the idea of counter-cultural periodicity contesting industrial time— gave me a stroke of inspiration for the upcoming magazine assignment. Suddenly an idea which had been simmering on the back-burner of my mind since one of the first readings popped into consciousness. In one of the first readings the autonomy of the reader of a periodical is discussed and it is noted that most people will have their own unique approach to reading any given issue of a magazine. This insight, combined with that of the periodical as a way to reshape life and leisure, lead to a realization: the reader is a Flâneur/ Flâneuse and should be treated as such. Given this principle, my magazine page will combine images and text in a way that encourages the reader to meander and pause in the way they would on a long, leisurely walk. I will aim to format the page so that there’s a variety of stops given to objects of interest, with moments of reflection interjected. That being said, the page will also need to have something of an uncultivated feel to it so that the reader isn’t lead or influenced too much in their choices of how to approach and navigate it.


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