A New Realization – Encoding of Art & Literature

In exploring the Little Magazines deeper, I have come to realize all the significant tasks that go behind putting a periodical together. When the audience consumes the material in a magazine, it is mostly in a casual, leisurely way, perhaps which is why the time and planning that goes into creating even a single page is underestimated. As we dwell more knowledge regarding either the contents or the physical layout or the editing process of magazines, we start to realize the complexities of producing works combining the art and literature together.

More so, the shift between the physical periodic of the 19th century to the digitalized version; there are some interesting ways in which further magazines can be created for publication. Specifically, using digital techniques to produce artistic and literature content seemed overwhelming at first, but learning the basics of coding today was positively unexpected. When I heard the word coding, I tended to lean away from the idea of online “language systems”, yet by practising the basics of HTML today in creating a page, shifted my mindset about coding. Interestingly, while putting in the individual commands into the text panel and then visually seeing the results on the next page, really excited me. This aspect of the codes converting into an actual page, makes me want to learn more about coding. The actual act of giving specific commands to the computer, and getting a product out of it, is quite interesting. I am looking forward to creating the magazine page through using the HTML coding system and going forward, I want to enhance my knowledge regarding computer language in order to digitally create creative works combining the arts and literature together.