The Savoy, Sexuality, and Time

I found it really interesting that The Savoy looked to the past in a number of ways. Specifically, the fact that Beardsley chose Caresme’s “The Bacchantes” and even re-imagined the poem “The Rape of the Lock” in his image with the same title. The look to the past (18th century) made me think about how sex and sexuality are constantly reimagined at different times. As Dr. Janzen pointed out, the 18th century was more open to images of sex and sexuality in art than the 19th century. I also brought up the idea that, to this day, sex still sells. It made me wonder about how little magazines could have contributed to images of sex and sexuality in both scandalous and conventional ways (especially with Beardsley’s more subtle but nonetheless sexual innuendos in “A Footnote”).

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