Cover Page of ‘The Pageant’ – Designed by Charles Rickett

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The Front Cover of ‘The Pageant’ Volume 2, by Charles Ricketts.


The front cover of this little magazine, The Pageant by Charles Ricketts. is a lavishing purple color, with brilliant gold ornamented designs. The golden doves create a border for the cover page which evokes symmetry, The centralized title with the date on the bottom also promotes simplicity. However, due to the shape and positioning of the doves, there is almost as if the birds are moving- there is a sense of movement.

The linear positioning of the birds and their open wings suggest that they are travelling. On top of that, there is a leaf in their mouth which almost looks as if they are carrying a message; like an invitation. Also promoting this sense of a message, the decorative fleurons beside the title and the date resembles a scroll. This notion of a scroll or the overall look of the front page like an invite suggests Ricketts’ intention to invite its readers inside the magazine.

Moreover, the colours and the pattern align with the contents of the magazine. The gold promotes the idea of ‘excess’ due to its association with shine and richness, the complimentary purple background further emphasizes the shininess of the gold.  The doves carrying a message aligns with the mythological, fairytale aspect of the literary contents. For an instant, in the Biblical story of Noah, the dove carried the message of the flood being over, or in many other tales, a dove is a sign of a message, an important part of communication. Hence, perhaps Ricketts’ way of telling his reader’s the importance of his message inside the magazine.  Overall, the viewers get this sense of simplicity yet the excess-a notion of elegance through the perfectly balanced golden ornaments.