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The cover of the "Yellow Book" Volume 12 where Ethel Reed's illustration of a woman in profile can be seen. The woman appears to be holding a fan but we cannot see her hand. Her dress blends in with the back background as does her hair. She has two flowers in her hair. It also appears as if she could be kissing another woman, though this is ambiguous.
Front Cover Design by Ethel Reed, January 1897, Volume 12 of the “Yellow Book”

The Front Cover Design looks as if it was reproduced using line-block engraving as it utilizes strong contrasts in black and white. We see a young woman in profile, holding a fan, with two flowers in her hair. The illustration’s placement of the fan and second flower in the background makes it seem as if the woman is kissing another woman. This, however, is largely ambiguous. We can see Ethel Reed’s signature in the top right corner of the image. There is much use of blank space both in the blackness of the background which fades into the woman’s dress and hair, as well as in the white space (which is coloured yellow because of the cover of the Yellow Book). We know Ethel Reed used white or blank space in previous poster art, and she also makes use of this in her Title-Page illustration as well.

Front Cover Design, Yellow Book Volume 12, by Ethel Reed.

  • Sabrina Pavelic