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“Maternity” by Aline Szold can be found in the The Yellow Book volume 12.┬áThis magazine was edited by Henry Harland and John Lane. It is placed within a set of three images prefaced by a title page with each image’s title. They are entitled, “Maternity,” “Grief,” and “A Study of Trees.” They are all done by the same female artist and “Maternity” is the first one introduced in the set. Aline Szold was an accomplished female artist, and the inclusion of her work speaks to The Yellow Book openness to a female audience, as well as giving a platform for female artists. This is interesting because at the conception of this magazine, Harland and Arthur Beardsley (removed in 1895) imagined an audience of the elite, rather than the common masses of the newly literate. Noticeably this seemed to mean a large number of solely male contributors in the early volumes. Of the three images, this one and “A Study of Trees” appears to be the most directly linked to their respective titles, while “Grief” seems the most abstract. The images stand alone from text and given no caption or description other than the title. This reinforces the belief held by the magazine that images were not simply meant to serve as accompaniment to literary art. The dedicated pages allow the reader to appreciate the images on their own, as a separate work of art.

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