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The “Portrait of Madame Rejane” by Aubery Beardsley is a drawing that is published in the second volume of the Yellow Nineties little magazines. Aubrey Beardsley is a famous British artist who did ink drawings and artworks, he is most well known for his decadent and aesthetic tastes. This drawing presents a minimalist sketch, that uses a lot of white space on the page and also the borders. The whiteness on the pages is used to emphasize the drawing itself, and it’s beauty. We can see that the use of white space draws the reader’s attention to the details, and the thin lines used to create the silhouette of Madame Rejane. She seems to be walking, in motion moving and facing towards the left side of the page

It also presents a huge contrast to the prints on the pages before it, with his “The Comedy Ballet of Marionettes” that uses a prolific black and white block inc. The sketches before also have a humorous tone, that creates a juxtaposition for the reader when then coming to this delicate outline.

I should also note that Beardsley’s drawings of Madame Rejane are world-renowned, and the Met currently displays a similarly styled drawing.


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