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A.S. Hartrick’s illustration, The Lamplighter, was published in The Yellow Book Volume II, page 61, in July 1894. Hartrick was a Scottish painter, although he was born in Bangalore, India. He is known for his lithographic work, and much of his works involve urban scenes, figure painting, and the working class. He was also a founding member of the Senefelder Club, formed in London in 1909 to promote lithography. The Lamplighter depicts a working class man who is engaged in his job on the street. It is interesting how he is in the foreground of the image, far removed from the other citizens behind him. Perhaps it is as if he is off to light his next lamp, while the city bustles behind him. Hartrick’s lamplighter has been categorized as “anarchistic” looking (Current News of the Fine Arts), despite the job of lamplighting being seen as a noble one in Victorian England.

Paula Stanco,